The Struggle for the Perfect SPF: A Review of Josie Maran’s SPF 47

have extremely fair skin, and the sun petrifies me for that reason. I still vividly remember that one horrible day during my teenage years I decided it would be a swell idea to visit a water park. Less than halfway through the morning, I ended up burned all over despite my trusty SPF 100. Beet […]

Giveaway: Luvocracy Spring Beauty & Fashion

My “luv” affair with Luvocracy began last year, when I was browsing gift guides for present ideas. The interface and concept is somewhat similar to Pinterest, but Luvocracy is centered moreso around sharing your favorite products, and curating your own online shopping collections. My favorite part is that if someone purchases one of your recommendations through the […]

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box!

Subscription boxes – especially beauty boxes – are my new addictive must-haves. From beauty boxes, to snack boxes, to geek and gamer boxes, it seems there’s something out there for every personality type. (Who doesn’t love a surprise delivered to their mailbox every month, after all?) Today I’m reviewing the Wantable subscription box! Wantable first caught my attention because […]

Love Beauty Boxes? Build Your Own at Birchbox’s First NYC Storefront!

During my recent visit to New York, I knew I should visit Birchbox’s brick and mortar store at some point. During my subscription the past couple years, Birchbox’s beauty samples have clued me into many new brands and products that I would never have known about otherwise. I would never forgive myself if I passed up the […]