Top Picks Tuesday: Revolve’s 10th Anniversary Collection

Emails are my favorite form of procrastination. No matter how many times I tell myself I must stop looking at messages that cleverly entice with promises of the hottest clothing and accessory arrivals, I succumb to temptation. Such was the case this Tuesday morning when I found myself browsing Revolve Clothing’s 10th Anniversary Collection. The online […]

Been Procrastinating? Last-Minute Halloween Costumes to Ease Your Anxiety

It’s time… We’re rapidly approaching the weekend prior to Halloween proper; this is THE weekend that mostly everyone is likely hosting their ghoulishly themed parties and events. If you’re a lazy slacker like me who’s had other things on her mind, this can incite panic greater than watching a horror movie. For my fellow procrastinators, […]

Photo Series: Cherry Blossoms Barely in Bloom

It’s been so long since I’ve posted a photo series that even I almost forgot that I’m a photographer! Kidding, kind of… while I don’t shoot nearly as often as I’d like, back in March I explored a local park with model Ali Griner. The park, located in Encino, is infamous for its cherry blossom trees that start blooming right […]