The Art of Dressing Boldly at an Older Age

few weeks ago, I stopped by Best Buy on my lunch break hoping to score some excellent deals in their DVD/Blu-ray bins. Sadly, the selection was not up to my tastes, but as I browsed I was stopped by an older woman. By older, I mean about 70 or more just going by appearances, but I didn’t want to describe her as “elderly” for a particular reason: her fashion sense. She was dressed up in a bright floral strapless dress, cinched in at the waist with a flared, almost tutu-esque skirt, and opaque grey tights.

It was the “youngest” looking outfit I’ve ever seen on a woman of that age. (Is this truly abnormal for Southern California, or am I just really sheltered or something?) When she stopped me, she commented with a friendly chuckle, “I think your skirt is even shorter than mine today!”For the record, the skirt I was wearing comes down to my mid-thigh, and I was also wearing tights for modesty’s sake. I laughed along with her, knowing her remark was in good spirits and replied, “Well, we’re both wearing tights so that makes it okay!”The brief encounter with this woman made me think about what my fashion sense, or wardrobe, will be like when I’m an “elder.” Will I ever want to give up my flirty dresses, tights and cute flats? Should I ever have to? Looking back on this random moment, I realize I admire this woman for her bravery – boldly going against what’s supposedly normal for someone her age.I have no idea what I’ll be wearing fifty years from now, but I know one thing for sure: I don’t want to feel pressured to look a certain way just because it’s safe, and acceptable by society’s standards. I bet my style will evolve, growing more mature throughout the decades… but damnit, if I want to wear a floral dress in my seventies, I hope I wear it as fearlessly and cheerfully as she did.

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