Featured Photographer: Sisilia Piring

When I created Casual Concern, I immediately knew I wanted to feature some of my favorite fashion photographers’ work. Even before I started dabbling in photography, fashion photos and editorials were a huge source of inspiration to me. Not only did editorial images begin my interest in fashion as a whole, but influenced my personal style and even provided a source of inspiration for fictional writing. I think most of us can tell that fashion photography is more than just taking a photo of a pretty girl in designer clothes – many of my favorite editorials are ones that create a whole character and a story surrounding the model, and series with that concept in mind are most inspiring.

To kick off my Featured Photographer series, we have one of my favorite Los Angeles fashion and lifestyle photographers, Sisilia Piring. From her “About Page” she writes:

Sisilia Piring is a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. She first started photography in the 8th grade and fell madly in love with film and the darkroom. It wasn’t until 2010 that she passionately pursued photography and it became her life. Since then Sisilia has been published in several publications both online and in print including Refinery29, Blink Magazine, Ben Trovato, Urban Outfitters Blog, VSCO and more.

My favorite quality about her work is that it’s very intimate and effortless-looking – even though I’m sure lots of planning went into each shoot (as almost all shoots do require), but she pulls off the shots in a way like she’s a fly on the wall or good friend who happened to catch the model in a natural moment. Check out my favorite photos by Sisilia below, and be sure to go view her Flickr, and website for more work!

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