6 Fabulously Feline Wardrobe Pieces

6 Fabulously Feline Wardrobe Pieces 1

One of the top 3 obsessions is my life is cats, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. One friend even has me in her phone contacts as “Liz Cat Lady” and instead of being concerned my first thought is “How can I make that name change happen for real?” In honor of National Cat Day, I have been squeeing at Youtube videos and gifs for mostly all of my free time today. On top of all that entertainment, I’ve been browsing for cute cat themed pieces to add to my wardrobe, and figured I’d share for any/all fellow feline lovers out there.

1. Romwe Smiling Cat Face Shirt – From far away, this could pass off as an innocent checkered print. Up close, you get to smile at happy cats all day.

2. Charlotte Olympia Cat Face Slippers – Lusting after these for THE longest time. Fairy godmother, where are you?!

3. Arrogant Cat London Cloche with Ears – A cute, uber-subtle way to hint at your kitten love.

4. Modcloth Feline After Line Earrings – A cat that looks like a librarian? On an earring? I’m reeking of happiness over here.

5. AfternoonCoffee Grumpy Cat Mug – Grumpy cat might be… well, grumpy, but I bet this mug will brighten your mornings.

6. Romwe Lace Cat Print Black T-Shirt – This top looks best suited to snuggling up with a large furry blanket and a mug with hot tea.

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