Aspirations: The Good, The Bad, and the Impossible

Aspiration: it can be a great thing for anyone. It can propel you to greatness, provide extra motivation & determination to achieve your goals, or fill you with a sense of purpose. It can also be a bad thing, depending on what you’re aspiring to…

Let me explain. Yesterday, I did a 10-minute Victoria’s Secret body circuit workout; why was I so drawn to this particular video in the first place? It taps into the part of my brain that desperately wants to look like a super model. And although this year I’m making efforts to be healthier in all areas of my life, my main drive for doing this exercise was the desire to have a model’s body.My ideal shape has always been long, lean, and tall. It’s what I fantasized about as a teen, as I ached and wished to grow an extra 5 inches like my doctor promised me I might at puberty. It’s an impossible aspiration, but it’s still there, nagging me.

Rosie Huntington Whitley and Candice Swanepoel - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

In my twenties, I know I won’t hit another growth spurt, or lengthen my spine by an extra five inches no matter how many pilates or yoga stretches I do. I will always stand at an average 5’5” – unless I’m wearing heels, of course, and it will remain that way until I start to shrink. My calves will always be more athletically built than I’d like them to be (and I have some embarrassing gymnastics videos from when I was 6 years old to prove it).

I realize all of this and am okay with that 90% of the time, yet I still occasionally fall into the trap that if I follow this routine, or eat this way, I’ll eventually look like Miranda Kerr. I’d wager a guess that we’re all guilty of it at some point in our lives. Hell, aspiration to look like celebrities, models, or “it girls” is probably half the reason why fashion blogs exist. (But that’s a bold statement for another blog post some day.)

I guess my point is: Aspire to greatness this year, but be realistic about your expectations. Aspire to becoming the greatest version of yourself rather than a fantasy of having the exact same body as someone else. Because damnit, you are beautiful and you are unique and there will never be someone exactly like you on this planet (even if you’re a twin!). Let’s embrace that this year. Let’s be kinder to ourselves.

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