Influenster Violet Vox Box: Product Reviews

SoyJoy Dark Chocolate Cherry Bar – Enjoyed with my morning coffee on Saturday morning! I’m not a huge fan of protein bars, and SoyJoy’s taste remind me of a protein bar. However, the tartness and sweetness from the dried cherries balances out the flavor, which makes me wish there was more of those bits in each bite. I also wish the dark chocolate flavor was more intense, as I’m completely coo-coo for cacao.

Goody Athletique Ouchless Headwrap – My idea of exercise nowadays is playing Just Dance on the Xbox Kinect (don’t laugh). So I put this sucker to the test during my epic attempt at the “What a Feeling” dance routine on Just Dance. I can favorably report that it keeps your hair back, and away from pesky forehead sweat. This product would be A+ for anyone who has bangs and struggles with bobby pins falling out during exercise.

Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo – Can I just talk for a moment about how much I like the scent of this dry shampoo? Too many dry shampoos out there have this nauseating powdery smell that makes me feel ill throughout the day. This Not Your Mother’s product smells really great, and the scent doesn’t linger around like the aforementioned yucky powdery-smelling ones I’ve tried. On the other hand, dry shampoos as a whole don’t seem to like me and my fine hair. Unfortunately use of this product only made a small difference in my oily roots.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Infused Fabric Masque – Love face masks! But oh my gosh, Montagne Jeunesse, why is this mask a “one size fits all” cloth with clay on it?  It makes application really awkward, and my boyfriend was too scared to look at me for the 15 minutes it was on, claiming I looked like Michael Myers. I’d be interested in trying a “traditional” mask from this company, where you just spread the product around on your face.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Nail Polish in Kelp Out – I have a similar color in my collection, but I WAY prefer this Sally Hansen formula in comparison. It goes on very thinly and easily without streaks. Two coats were good for me, but pump it up to three coats for maximum coverage and shine. I tried it only on my ring finger as an accent nail, and everynail is chipping by now except the one I painted with this Sally Hansen color. And I didn’t even use a top coat… impressive!

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