What’s Inside October’s Birchbox?

t’s no secret that I love Birchbox. For the uninitiated: Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box that sends 4-5 deluxe samples for $10 a pop. There are dozens of box varieties, so you never know exactly which products your box contains until the 10th of each month.  It’s always a fun, surprising moment when you get a glimpse of the pink Birchbox packaging in your mailbox and unveil the contents. Today, my October 2013 Birchbox arrived; I couldn’t wait to share with you all, and give my initial thoughts on the samples!

The shade Flowering Fuschia looks very bright in the tube, but looks much more mellow on the lips after applying. The consistency of the gloss is a bit sticky, and I’m not a fan of the brush. It’s a little flexible plastic slab-like brush, which makes even application difficult.

All skincare requires a good two-three weeks to get a true impression of how well it works with your skin, but I really like this cleanser upon first try. What you do is apply the cleanser directly to your skin as you would a moisturizer, wet your muslin cloth with hot water, and wipe from your skin in circular motions. The exfoliating texture of the cloth managed to slough off some pesky dry skin on the sides of my nose without feeling painful or abrasive.

As you can see, way too dark for my pale skin tone. From the swatches online, it looks like Shade 1 would be best matching for me – unfortunately can’t really give an impression on this since I’d probably look like Snooki with it on!

The Hydration Lock Chapstick is Birchbox’s “Find” this month (which is when they include a full-sized drugstore priced “find” in the box). My thoughts? Eh, it’s Chapstick. The scent is pleasant yet subtle, and my lips don’t feel chappy. Har, har.

Roughly Estimated Box Value: $24.00

Verdict: Overall a decent month for Birchbox! The Liz Earle Cleanser kit is the obvious winner of the box, and I know I’ll end up getting good use of the lip gloss and chapstick. As for the foundation? Well, that’ll just have to go to a friend with a less ghostly complexion.

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