Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box!

Subscription boxes – especially beauty boxes – are my new addictive must-haves. From beauty boxes, to snack boxes, to geek and gamer boxes, it seems there’s something out there for every personality type. (Who doesn’t love a surprise delivered to their mailbox every month, after all?) Today I’m reviewing the Wantable subscription box!

Wantable first caught my attention because they offer not only a full-sized makeup subscription box, but also an accessories and intimates box. I haven’t seen any popular or affordable “accessories only” boxes out on the market, so it was easy to decide which of their three boxes I wanted to try first.

What you receive in your monthly box is a surprise, but that doesn’t mean the accessories are left to random selection. Each box is customized based on a style profile quiz you take when you sign up for Wantable. The quiz is fun and easy, yet incredibly detailed; it goes through your likes, dislikes, and (of course) your loves! Once you’ve taken the quiz, you will never receive a style you marked as “dislike” in one of your boxes (for example, if you dislike “Rock n Roll” jewelry and dislike hoop earrings, you’ll never receive those styles). You will often receive styles you marked off as a “like”, but you will be more likely to receive styles you “love”! Sounds good to me.

My loves included Rock n Roll, Bohemian, and Classic styles. I also mentioned I loved necklaces, rings and gold tones. (Wantable nailed their selections based on those specifications – more on that below!)

Packaging highlights: neat, aesthetically pleasing packaging, complete with customized touches like a sticker than reads “Packed especially for Liz” on the inside. The invoice shows styling tips plus the retail value of each accessory in the box; my total retail value came out to $84 (for $36/month subscription). And now, onto the pieces!

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box! 1

Kesha Gold Cuff Bracelet: First impression was, “Holy cow, this thing is pretty, but I cannot fit it on my wrist.” During the style quiz, you are prompted to select your wrist size, but it was still impossible to slip this cuff over my hand. Thankfully my boyfriend exercised his “man logic” and pulled the cuff wider open a bit without damaging the piece. I’m not 100% sure if it was intended to be an adjustable piece, but c’est la vie.

Zadie Necklace: My favorite piece in the whole box. This chunky, art deco inspired statement necklace is a wonderful accessory for spring, perfect for layering on top of plain tees or dresses. Or even a flowery dress or blouse!

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box! 2

Digital Sunglasses: Second favorite piece of the box. The red upper frame and the studs would make these sunglasses a great pair to a denim jacket during spring or summertime.

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box! 3

Accessorize Yourself with March’s Wantable Box!Maxie Ring: Usually, they say to save the best for last, but I’ve unfortunately saved my least favorite for last. One word sums up my feelings toward this ring: “meh.” The quality seems cheap (and at the retail value of $8, the quality probably is cheap). I’ll experiment with it, though, and see what outfits I can pair it with!Other highlights: my shipment arrived within 4 days (!) of ordering. Additionally, you get a total of 3 emails throughout the ordering process: one to confirm the order, one to provide a tracking number, and one that notifies you the package has been delivered. I love little touches like that.Overall, I’m very happy with my Wantable accessory box experience! The best part is the surprise element while still being tailored to your likes. I’ve also heard great things about their customer service from other subscribers. You can sign up for your own accessory, intimates, or make-up box by going to Wantable’s site.

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